Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Other Things

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 came out!!!! Though I did not get to go to the premiere (stupid I know, I have block 1 Euro to thank for that), I am already in love with it. I won't get to go see it until the week after Thanksgiving but STILL! That's only a week and half away! Second most exciting movie release of my life, the first being Iron Man 2.

Oh my gosh. During the past week, I have probably heard the most Star Wars references ever. I never realized how important Star Wars was. I now feel compelled to watch these movies.

I am in love with Spanish music. My favorite part of spanish class is la cancion. I have bought all of the songs we have listened to in class excluding like two that I didn't like. I feel accomplished.

Ke$ha's new song We R Who We R.

The song is okay, she has made better songs.
It bothers me how she feels the need to make 'are' into R. Text talk annoys me.
The most irritating text term is nd. Apparently this is short for 'and'.
Congratulations, a whole letter was eliminated.
 I'm not saying that I don't shorten words, I do! I frequently use ik and deets. I just think that some things are

the playlist!!

I decided to call this playlist Granola Bar because granola bars are quite deceiving.They look like they would be plain and HEALTHY but they actually contain delicious flavor (not to say that healthy things are not flavorful, I love Clif Bars and Great Grains Cereal.)These songs are, in a way, similar.

Granola Bar

Bitter Heart (Zee Avi)
My Love (The Bird & The Bee)
Tired (Adele)
far away (Ingrid Michaelson)
Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare (Matt & Kim)
Fearless (Colbie Caillat)
Soon We'll Be Found (Sia)
Forecast (Jason Mraz)
Adrift (Jack Johnson)
we intertwined (The Hush Sound)
Sunday (Sia)
Melt My Heart to Stone (Adele)
Live High (Jason Mraz)
DIE ALONE(Ingrid Michaelson)
lessons learned (Matt & Kim)
Losing Keys (Jack Johnson)
Monte (Zee Avi)


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