Friday, January 7, 2011

Funny Bone

I actually love this picture. so much. It might be the most enjoyable cat picture ever.

This week, I figured out how to take screen shots on my laptop!! I have taken atleast ten screen shots since then. However, the sad part is that I have had my laptop for more than a year and a half and have just figured out how to used this marvelous feature.

Found this ad in the kitchen. I'm not sure if I should be surprised that the word pink can be used so many times in such a short passage. (This is a screen shot of the electronic version of the ad!)

I have realized something about my self this week. I am not a funny person. As depressing as that sounds, let me clarify. I'm not good at being funny when put on the spot or in a situation that requires humor, but I'm funny in a cheese-fest kind of way. Haha just another week of introspection..

One of my snappy comebacks this week:

Amy: God! This kiwi just pricked my finger!
Me: Who are you, sleeping beauty?

Yeah, it was pretty epic.

I enjoy driving wheelchairs. Is it possible to have that as a summer job? I would love to just drive people around in their wheelchairs.

I finally got my much needed hat. It might be my favorite winter accessory. That sounds super girly but hats and gloves/mittens are important!

So I'm considering getting a Ping. It's that music social network thing on iTunes and I'm not sure if it's the next logical step or not. I mean, I'm already obsessed with music, why not get a music social network page... right?

I recently discovered a newly found appreciation for Buca di Beppo. The Alfredo Fettucini (my favorite pasta besides ravioli and cheese tortellini) is to die for. Also, they have etremely appropriate statues and fountains (that was a joke people.)

One of my personal favorites.

Amy Poehler is a beast. Just throwing that out there. I also think that she is funnier than her husband, Will Arnett (no offense to him).

Harry Potter is just so connectable to anything really. This morning, we had a teaching project in Euro and we were talking about a picture of a train station and how the architecture looked. Then, one of the girls who was presenting mentioned that it was, infact, King's Cross Station. Immediately, everyone exclaimed something about Harry Potter. We even got our teacher talking about it.

I was victim to a brilliant idea five seconds ago. Brilliant idea: instead of typing out this week's playlist, I'm going to post a screen shot of it!! I have also just decided that this will now become a regular practice, not something for this post. It seems very clean and cool. Hope you like the playlist!

Mmkay byee :)

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