Friday, January 14, 2011

Wherfore art thou softball?

I'm debating if I should take up umping softball games this summer to make some moolah. I've never watched a baseball game in my life or played softball (actually, that's a lie if you count gym class but I don't think that counts..), but I do have the rules of play, hence the debate.

This week has been super annoying. Every single morning, I wake up to my alarm, snooze it a few times, convince myself to finally "dismiss" it, fall back asleep for what I think will be five more minutes, and end up waking up thirty minutes later. It's actually getting on my nerves.

Sometimes my sister says the strangest things.

We recently discovered a new channel on our tv that plays country music videos all day. Yesterday, I decided to waste some time and watch the channel for a little bit. My sister walks in and says, " Country music videos are stupid. They always put these pretty girls with these not-even-cute guys." I have to say, I completely agree with her.

Listening to bird calls and trying to memorize them is difficult work.

In comm, we're reading Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. I'm Margaret, the slutty maid. Lovely.

I'm lazy, here's a music video :)

Have a good three day weekend!

Byee :)

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