Friday, February 11, 2011

Black History Month: Week 2

Alright, it is officially the end of the second week of Black History Month. Wow, February's going by fast!

AHHHH! I WATCHED INCEPTION! I can finally understand what people have been ranting and raving about! Yes, I agree with the general opinion, it is amazing!!

So we were driving to Chanhassen this weekend and I learned about some new remedies from my sister. It's interesting what ten year olds can come up with.

Divya's Cures for Car-Sickness
1. Burp it out
2. If Cure #1 doesn't work, fart it out.

I am in love with that website dearblankpleaseblank. Beware: there are some extremely inappropriate ones but let's be honest, those can be ignored.

One of my favorites:

Dear World,
Wanna hear a pizza joke?
Sincerely, Nah, it's too cheesy.

Raise your hand if you occasionally shop at Lakewinds. If you do, make sure you buy the rustic herb and cheese bread. It's to die for.

I realized something this week. 0.5 lead is so much better than 0.7.
It's not even a debate anymore.

I have officially renewed my gleek status. Just thought I'd announce the good news.

Guess what? I found a restaurant to replace Champs, as impossible as that sounds.
Drumroll, please.


It's Noodles! (Yes, I am aware its actually Noodles and Co.) Right now, I'm going through an obsession. I've had it twice this week. My favorite thing there is probably the Pesto Cavatapi.

Ummm, who took first place at Science Olympiad Regionals?
Thats right, Wayzata! HOLLA.

Gosh, I love Heart Week. Especially the sing-o-grams.

Harry Potter Day was amazing. Some of the costumes were really creative. 
If you couldn't tell, I was Padma Patil.

I can't wait to see what Mr. Wayzata's like. I didn't go last year, so I'm super excited for this year!

Alright, here goes my first Black History Month playlist. Hope you guys like it!

Byee! :)

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