Friday, February 25, 2011

Black History Month: Week 4

Oh my gosh. I think these past two weeks killed me. I almost started crying in Euro, had three meltdowns at home this week, and managed to fail a quiz.

If African people are sunburnt, I'm honey toasted, and white people are lightly roasted.

You know you're a nerd when you recognize an allusion to The Odyssey in a random movie.

I was actually getting hopeful last week when I saw grass. But no, Minnesota winters will be Minnesota winters. The only part I'm actually mad about is not getting a snow day. Of course the snow would stop right in time for it to be cleaned up!

Easy A is hillarious. The End.

Remember a few weeks ago, when it was subzero and everyone was freezing their butt off? Well, while I was shivering, my brain was thinking "this is my body's attempt to maintain body heat through homeostasis." I think I've reached a new level of being too school for cool.

Aren't know-it-all subs annoying?

Sister Wendy is on Facebook!

GUESS WHAT?! I'm getting my braces off in a month!!! You could say I'm excited.

One of my biggest fears right now is forgetting to take off my rubberbands and accidentally swallowing one.

I made up a poem to describe myself when I have horrible colds. Here it is:

Happy Birthday to me,
I'm a hundred and two,
I sound like a zombie,
and I feel like one too!

I thought it was pretty creative.

Whenever I gravitate back towards Glee, I start to have second thoughts.
Let's be honest. Sam and Santana? What a joke.

Speaking of Glee, I am so jealous of anyone going to the Glee concert.

Okay here's the final playlist! I hope you guys liked my little Black History Month spree!


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