Friday, February 4, 2011

Remember Me?

Wow. It feels so strange writing a post again, and that's only with a two week break!
My only excuse for not writing a post last friday was exhaustion. Finals are mentally draining people!

This semester looks pretty iffy, its going to take a little bit of time to settle into it.

Okay first thing's first. I'm bored of Champs. You know, the restaurant? They have such good food, no debate there, but I've been there too many times. I know the menu too well, it's getting weird and blah.

Haha, I got my first D+ plus in school today. Ironically, I felt like I'd finally acheived something.

Okay, how many people know who Imogen Heap is? Everytime I'm listening to her songs, I have to remind myself that she's a girl. Her voice is so unisexual. To be honest, I kind of liked her songs better when I thought it was a guy singing them.

It's always awkward when you're on the bus, and the girl sitting in the seat across from you is sobbing.

Okay who knows that SNL song "The Creep" feat. Nicki Minaj..? It is SO GREAT. Everyone needs to look it up and listen to it. I'm too lazy to post the video on here.

Speaking of Nicki Minaj, she ruins like almost every song.

Is it okay to think your substitute teacher is attractive?

I'm so sick of identifying birds. Ornithology is possibly the most addicting and annoying event in Science Olympiad. Which reminds me, I have a regional competition tomorrow! STRESS.


I'm actually serious. In honor of all the black people, for every blog post I write this month, except for this one, I will post a playlist with some of my favorite songs by black singers or rappers. You go black people!

How awesome is the idea of having Harry Potter day during Heart Week? Super awesome.

How long has it been since anyone's seen a Propel bottle? I swear, Vitamin Water and Gatorade have taken over the flavored water industry.

I saw No Strings Attached last friday. It might be my new favorite chick flick. It's so friggin' adorable!! This week's playlist is inspired by something in it. It's a period mix!! Hahaha, that sounds insane but I couldn't resist.

Here it is!

Mmkay, I think I've written enough to make up for last week..

Byee :)

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