Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Series of Exciting Events

The Electrifying Evaluation: In other words, the knowledge test at the DMV. I was actually so worried I wouldn't pass so I studied my driver's manual all of Sunday. It must've paid off because I didn't get a single question wrong. Look out world, I'm taking the roads by storm....with a parent.

The Astonishing Award: I found out I won an Emmy! Well, sort of. The summer before ninth grade, I starred in an episode of the PBS show SciGirls. The show recently won an Emmy award so technically I'm an Emmy award winner, right?

The Instigating Invitation: I received an invitation to Columbia University's science invitational, which is actually tomorrow. Unfortunately, I don't get to go :(

The Intriguing Investigation: As part of a pre-employment requirement, I got tested for drugs for the very first time! I was really looking forward to it, and made sure to drink two bottles of water beforehand (it was a urine test). I'm actually worried it might come out to be postive because I had a dentist appointment right before and I might've swallowed some toothpaste accidentally. The results come tomorrow and I'm nervous! Maybe not an investigation, but you get the idea.

It's too bad June's already coming to a close, summer's flying by!


  1. OH aditi you make me laugh :P Congrats on the permit! I'll be watching the roads for a crazy indian in the drivers seat!

    Haha tell me about the drug test results :P

  2. I passed the drug test haha! :P