Thursday, July 7, 2011


I suppose it should not come as a surprise that this week's spotlight falls on Hellogoodbye. See also: Stars and Stripes. Most people are familiar with the platinum single "Here (In Your Arms)" from their first album. In fact, it was the very first song I had heard from their album and was introduced to me by my neighbor. I was caught completely unawares by the song. To say I was obsessed would be unjust to my seventh grade emotions. No, I was swept off my feet. I went to the library, checked out the entire album, and soon decided that I had found my favorite band.

Currently my favorite album, the band released their sophomore full-length "Would It Kill You?" last November. It's the perfect summer soundtrack, yet just as fun to listen to in any other season. The band has definitely evolved, but still maintains that infectious quality. Each song somehow gets in your bones and makes you feel the energy that puts the power in power pop. Setting aside the fact that I'm an incorrigible fan, I'm still as in love with the songs as I was in November.

When We First Met - Hellogoodbye via Lilystars Records

Note: If you live in Minnesota and decide you like their music, they are playing at the Vans Warped Tour on July 10th! Ticket info here.