Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tears of Joy or Sadness?

This past week has certainly been eventful!

The much awaited Vans Warped Tour was on Sunday. We reached there bright and early only to find out that Hellogoodbye (the best band ever) wouldn't be playing until 8:15 pm. There are no words to describe my frustration. For one, the heat was sweltering. Secondly, the some of the smokers were just plain obnoxious. Dear smokers: You probably don't realize this, but I really don't want to be suffocated by your secondhand smoke when all I'm trying to do is get some shade.  Eventually we took shelter in the Nintendo 3DS tent and played video games for about 2 hours straight. At around two, we decided it would be wise to start getting in line for the Hellogoodbye signing. I got my newly bought poster signed and I am happy to say it is now hanging directly above the Iron Man 2 poster in my room!

The bands that we saw were Simple Plan, Paradise Fears (heard them for the first time!), The Ready Set, and finally Hellogoodbye. We actually weren't planning on listening to Paradise Fears, but we were passing by their stage and were drawn in. I will definitely be listening to their music in the weeks to come. The Ready Set and Hellogoodbye were amazing. Hellogoodbye played "Finding Something To Do", "Getting Old", "Baby, It's Fact", "When We First Met", "Bonnie Taylor Shake Down", "When We First Kissed", and finally "Here (In Your Arms)". At one point, I touched the face of Forrest Kline, the lead singer of Hellogoodbye, as he was crowd surfing. Overall, their performance was definitely worth the wait.

On Monday, I found out that I got a job. Cannot wait for the moola to start pouring in!

You may have noticed the latest mixtape, "Music of the Sun", has been posted. Two of my favorite songs currently, "The Human Condition" and "Lock and Key", are on it so make sure to listen!

The final Harry Potter movie is coming out tonight. Every time I think about it, I feel like crying. My childhood is coming to a close and I would like to thank J. K. Rowling for raising me so fantastically.

I just realized today was Bastille Day. Does that make me a euro freak?

I'm not really feeling like doing a "spotlight" post today, maybe next week.

Enjoy the premier tonight! If you're not a Harry Potter fan, you're just plain weird.
Byee :)

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