Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Future Reflections

I feel like I've been falling behind with blogging this summer. Or maybe I'm just embracing a more laid back strategy. Yeah, I'd like to think it's the latter.

As Back to Business days approach, I keep experiencing a weird sensation in the pit of my stomach. Butterflies wouldn't do the feeling justice. More like squirrels. I know it's because I'm nervous for the coming year. My parents keep assuring me that I'll be just fine, but somehow I know that this year is going to be the ultimate test. I seem to have a knack for taking on much more than I can handle. But then again, I've had that tendency for a long time. I'm starting to reconsider some of the decisions I made in the spring. This probably sounds exponentially vague, but you can mostly likely figure out that I'm talking about classes I signed up for. With 3 major AP classes overlapping, goals of doing well on the ACT and the PSAT (didn't forget about that, did you?), and an after-school job, I feel like I'm getting too close for comfort to my breaking point. I guess we'll know soon enough. That is not to say, of course, that I'm not extremely excited! I like to think that I might go to prom, get my license, and have a chance at all the other fun stuff I know this year will bring. 

I know I haven't updated the spotlight section for a while now. It's not so much that I don't have time or that I don't know which artists I want to feature. I'm just... lazy. Also, I think I'm going to modify the way I do spotlights. Right now, they seem very stiff and formal. I'll have to fix that. 

Speaking of being lazy, I'm not really feeling the travel log anymore. Should I continue? Please comment with your thoughts. Seriously.

Currently, I am still moping my braces. Yes, they were plastered onto my teeth this morning. To clear up any questions, I had to get re-treatment because apparently my orthodontists discovered at my last checkup that they had angled my upper teeth in a manner that could prove to be hazardous as I get older. So here I am, a metal mouth once again. 

On Monday, I got my first paycheck. Okay, that's not true. I got my first paper paycheck. Normally, I have a direct deposit, but for some reason we're getting actual checks this month. It was quite empowering. My mom took me over to the bank to deposit it. I think the teller was amused by my glee at doing such an adult task.

I'm not completely sure about when I'm going to post next.
Maybe when I publish my pending Euro Trip playlist.

Until then,


  1. Hehe :P I don't come to anybody's blogs really because you're on my Google Reader list! Yaay for laziness! I wouldn't mind reading about your trip to Europe...maybe just a couple of more posts?

    Like have one post on a different country you visited!

  2. Oh P.S. you'll be fine this year :P I was last year on top of sports. I think I'm going to DIE my senior year...maybe literally from the lack of sleep, but hopefully not xp

  3. Good to know! I will try and update it then :)

    Also, that is really reassuring. so thank you!