Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Leap Day Miracle

It feels so weird to be blogging again. This post probably wouldn't even exist right now if it weren't for an amazing decision made this morning by the Wayzata Public Schools Superintendent. If you go to Wayzata schools, you know that snow days are pretty much nonexistent in our district. It doesn't help that we live in Minnesota, a state notorious for its snow storms. So imagine my jubilation as I wake up to find out that Wayzata School District schools will be closed due to the snow. Naturally, the first thing I did was freak out, and then I went back to bed for another five hours. Many people have called it "a leap day miracle!" and I definitely agree. What's ironic about this is that yesterday, my friends and I were listening to a radio mix called "The Miracle Mashup". I don't know if that radio mix had any affect on today's outcome, but I like to think so :)

I feel like recollecting myself today so this post will be focused on what's happened in the last two months or so.

My new year's resolution to be more motivated and organized has never been so neglected. I find myself having no interest in any of what I'm being taught at school. Boredom is taking over, and it only seems to go away when I'm "chillin' with my peeps" or sleeping. The worst part is that I'm fully aware of when I'm wasting time, and still choose to do so. This constant cycle of laziness leaves me feeling unaccomplished and pathetic, but longing for even more time to waste. It's getting ridiculous.

February has been very exciting, and stressful. 

Heart Week was fantastic and I can't wait until next year for it to come again. The goal of Heart Week is to raise money for a charity, which is chosen by NHS members. This year, the Christopher Reeve Foundation was chosen in honor of Jack Jablonski and Jenna Privette. I think being actually involved in the Heart Week events made it so much more memorable and exciting than it was last year or the year before. I felt this way especially towards the decorations, which suddenly represented more than just a bunch of paper hearts hanging from the ceilings. I was on Casino Night committee, which I originally signed up for because I didn't expect to be concerned with the Sadie Hawkins dance that would be taking place in the adjacent gym. This, however, changed very quickly and I found myself trying to shuffle going to the dance and work the casino. Somehow I was able to manage this and had a fantastic night. Working the casino was very high intensity, as people would come in hordes to exchange their chips for tickets. The dance itself was amazing. :)

Last week, my grandma had a stroke. My mother immediately began drawing up plans to go to India. I'm not very close to my grandma, which makes sense as she lives across the world, but I still feel sad for her. Her health has been declining since last year when she broke her leg. I also feel for my mom, who hasn't seen her mother in over four years. My mom flew out on Sunday and will be coming back in two weeks. Needless to say, I miss her.

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