Monday, June 25, 2012

Girl Crushing on Kimbra

I definitely loved Kimbra's contribution to Gotye's hit song, but her live performance at the Foster the People concert totally swept me off my feet. Not only does she know how to belt it out, she can do it with major swag. While maintaining flawless vocals, she was all over the place with her moves and performed in an awesome pink dress. She definitely has that 'all-out' spirit that is inspiring and energizing. When she came on again to perform 'Warrior' with Foster the People, she was wearing a rainbow coat with a hood. In that moment, I knew. I knew I officially had a girl crush on Kimbra. Now you know what you need to wear to get my attention.

Just kidding.

But seriously, I now find myself listening to her tracks constantly, and also trying to channel my inner Kimbra.  I know that sounds super cheesy, but it's true. I need to find my swag-factor.

Okay, I'll stop trying to sound cool.

If you haven't listened to Kimbra's music yet, you're certifiably crazy and you should head over to Spotify, or whatever software you use to listen to music, to rectify the situation.

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