Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Long-Term, On-Again-Off-Again Boyfriend

"Pizza: The long-term, on-again-off-again boyfriend who is objectively bad for you but with whom you have face-melting sex. Even though you almost always regret it right after, something about him tells you that you're going to end up together, if only because, when you want him, nothing else will do."

I found this gem about pizza on Thought Catalog and it couldn't be more true. Even BuzzFeed agreed and told me that my soul mate was pizza.

For me, late nights at college equal two things: pizza and coffee. While I've been home, my mom's extra-organic-no-junk kitchen has had me craving. So last weekend, my family and I made homemade pizza! And the bonus? It was healthier than my late night lover.

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