Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sayonara Summer

It's strange to think that 1 year ago, I was beginning my college career. I can remember almost every detail of move-in, hugging my mother as she leaked a few tears, reassuring my sister that I was only a phone call or FaceTime away. It's strange to think that was 1 whole year ago.

It's Saturday today. I'm done with my first week of classes, and I have been living in Cleveland for 2 weeks now. I'm living in a house this year, with 23 other girls. It's an experience that's turning out to be a pleasant change from dorm living. I enjoy having a full kitchen at my disposal and the cozy feel that this house has. I'm also looking forward to bonding with the girls, which is already taking place!

But as excited and optimistic as I am, it's time for me to say goodbye to summer. Of course, the weather we love is still here, but it's time to exchange my summer mindset for a different one. I had a wonderful time this summer. I had fun reconnecting with friends in my favorite city (I <3 you Minneapolis), eating foods that I missed while I was chained to my meal plan. I spent, collectively, a week in Chicago where I reunited with family, attended an inspiring conference on spirituality for the young adult, and pigged out at Veggie Fest. And to top it all off, I also went Kayaking for the first time.

Sayonara summer, until next year.

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